Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation

We provide logistics and ground transportation services, one of the best in the industry, providing our customers with ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency and optimize cargo capacity. Our network is dedicated, responsible and always provides the highest level of proactive and effective ground transportation service. Our ground transportation solutions enable our customers to reach the most remote locations in North America. We continually focus on providing our customers with personalized support and custom-designed service.


Full trailer loading services (dry vans)

Our extensive network of (FTL) carriers is one of the largest in North America.

This large fleet allows our customers to always have the best alternatives and options available to ship their cargo at any time. We monitor all shipments at every step of the process, which simplifies the process for our customers. Our computerized shipment update system keeps our customers informed of the status of their shipments at all times.


Partial Load Services (Consolidated Trucks)

We offer less truck load transportation (LTL) services throughout the USMCA region. Our customers can benefit from a volume rate discount contract with most major LTL carriers in the industry.

Our carrier distribution centers are located throughout the North American territory, including major border crossing points in Mexico.


Platform truck transportation throughout North America

Platform transport involves a broad knowledge and understanding of trade. Our flatbed specialists are there to meet the special requirements of our customers, including oversized and overweight loads.

No matter if it is a standard flatbed, step deck, double drop, RGN and curtain side trailers, Latin American Cargo always has the right solution for its customers.

Our ground transportation solutions enable our customers to reach the most remote locations in North America.

Ground Transportation

We cover different destinations in Central, South America and more, for it we employ weekly routes that assures to him rapidity and fulfillment with his shipments, this way also you can guarantee his regular operations with his own clients, that is to say in Zur-Go we want to be his commercial ally transporting his goods or raw materials, with security and fulfillment.

We can be your great business partner and help you grow strong.