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About Zur-Go inc.

Who is ZUR-GO inc?

We are an international transportation company, based in Miami, FL. USA, conveniently located near major airports and ports.

This company was founded with high moral principles and standards of efficiency, quality and honesty.

Our priority is to guarantee each of our clients a quality service with the highest level of responsibility and professionalism. We can handle your cargo to different destinations according to your needs, whether by land, air or sea.

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  • Responsibility and ComplianceWe are 100% committed to our clients to carry out our work with dedication, commitment quickly and compliance.
  • Work teamContamos con un equipo altamente calificado para trabajar con cargas a complejidad y bajo riesgo.
  • 24/7 dedicationWe are operational 365 days a year, we never stop working for your business either.

We are certified by the United States Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and recognized as an IATA cargo agent.

Our services are oriented to offer high performance and excellence. We can handle your cargo to the different destinations you select in the way you prefer. Your cargo will be safe in our hands, we are dedicated to meet and meet your needs.

We can be your great business partner and help you grow strongly.